Pulse Personal Training - Wellington - It's All About You!

At Wellington's premier private personal training studio, it's all about you. Our dedicated team of personal trainers are leaders in the fitness industry, working together to help you achieve optimal function and performance, whether it be in your sport, in the board room or simply living an active life. We understand that our success is inextricably linked to your success, no matter what your goal. Contact us today for a no obligation consultation.

Itís OK to Put your Feet Up After a Good Training Session

You canít ask your body to go all out all the time in training. Allowing your body and mind to recover and regenerate from the stress of training is often the limiting factor when it comes to achieving optimal results. Knowing when to rest and regenerate is the key to continual progress and performance.

What Separates a Personal Training Studio from a Gym?

Our personal training studios are just that - personal. A dedicated space to focus on your health and fitness goals under the guidance of our proven personal training team. As a small business you will be treated like a VIP, not a number! Read about the many advantages a Personal Training studio offers.

The Bride to Be 12 Week Toning Package

We want you to have the wedding you always dreamed of, so if you are a Bride-to-Be seeking to shape up or slim down, this package is designed just for you. You can do it on your own, with a friend or may be your bridal party!

A Personal Trainer - 10 Good Reasons Why you Should Have One

Having a personal trainer was once the exclusive domain of professional athletes and celebrities. Now consulting the expertise of a personal trainer is common practice, particularly for people determined to get the most from the time and effort they invest. How will a personal trainer help you?