Personal Training Studio vs Gym

Pulse Personal Training Studio - A Truly Personal Experience!

A Personal Training Studio should be just as the title suggests - personal. A quiet and private space dedicated to you, where you can work towards achieving your personal health and fitness goals under the guidance and supervision of your personal trainer

Personal Training Studios have become hugely popular in the UK, Australia and the US, as they bridge the gaps that typical gyms miss. The concept is built around quality rather than volume, so you will never feel like you are just making up the numbers in a personal training studio and there will never be a time when you are left wondering what to do or where to go next.

A major advantage a Personal Training studio has over a gym is that they are free from crowds and clutter, offering a relaxing and quiet space to train in, without people disrupting your routine. Often this is the only time you can spare in your busy day to focus on yourself and your goals, so it makes the world of difference to be in an environment that allows you to 'escape', a hectic lifestyle or stressful job. It also helps not worrying about what others are thinking or feeling pressured to move because others are waiting.

Having your very own personal trainer at your disposal, dedicated to monitoring and motivating you to ensure you are doing what you say you will and are comfortable with your programme, means you're much more likely to get results. Statistics show one of the main causes for people dropping out of mainstream gyms is that they lose focus, direction and ultimately stop seeing progress. It seems unfair that your payments are still being drained from your account, if you are not getting anything out of it!

At a Personal Training Studio you only pay for each time you enter the studio, not for those weeks where you are on family holidays or didnít have time to train because of other commitments. Also having a personal trainer to take you through your workouts every time you come into the studio means you have constant professional guidance, reducing the risk of injury and the time it takes you to attain the results you are after.

At the Pulse Personal Training Studio Wellington, we supply towels, lockers and your very own changing room so that you can enjoy some privacy. Every time you come into the studio you are training with your trainer and every programme is tailored to suit your lifestyle and your goals.

When you are in our studio, it is all about you! We provide you with a hassle and stress free experience. Contact us today so that you can experience the difference yourself.