Personal Training - It's about you

Having a Personal Trainer can be the difference between achieving optimal results and falling short. That's because your success depends more on the quality of the training you do, than the quantity.

With the expertise, encouragement and support of your Personal Trainer, you can focus on achieving your personal goals. Training in the comfort of our private studio, following a programme designed specifically for your needs, all you have to do is contact us or buy a personal training package to get started.

Perfect for starting out this unique 4 step personal training package provides a complete course to assess and develop a training programme specific to your individual requirements. We develop a training programme to reflect your individuality, fitness level and performance goals.

Weight loss is about lifestyle choices and not quick fixes. This comprehensive Weight Loss Programme is about looking and feeling fantastic again - it's living a Life Unlimited!

Putting your posture first is the key to achieving peak performance and function, no matter what your goals. The CHEK philosophies and protocols are used to help you achieve optimal posture and reestablish equilibrium in your body.

Optimal performance in your chosen sport is highly correlated to your ability to move efficiently and effectively with regards to the key requirements of your sport.

Don't let travel get in the way of your training! Whether you need an energy boost for focus and motivation or to re-establish equilibrium and get back in balance, the team at Pulse Personal Training is ready to redefine your expectations of the fitness industry.

We want you to have the wedding you always dreamed of, so if you are a Bride-to-Be seeking to shape up or slim down, this training package is designed just for you. You can do it on your own, with friends or may be even your bridal party!

Skiing and snowboarding are physically demanding sports that require you to be in top physical condition. Preparing your body is the best way to enjoy the slopes and to prevent an injury this season.

How do you know how far you have come, if you don't know where you started? Whether you train with us regularly or not, the Body Audit Health and Fitness Assessment is foundation for determining your goals and tracking your success. 

Contact the team at Pulse Personal Training to book your free no obligation consultation. Meet one of our trainers and have a look around what we hope will be your new personal training studio.

Give the gift that shows you truly care. Our Gift Vouchers are customised to suit your budget and needs. These can be used to purchase a package as a whole or as a contribution towards getting underway with training. Simply contact us to discuss what you would like to purchase and we will take it from there.