Ten Tips for Summer Weight Loss

Are you Ready to Be Exposed this Summer?

Does the thought of exposing your body this summer make your skin crawl? If you are worried about spilling out over your swim suit and wondering how much torment your seams can stand before splitting, then now is the time to do something about it.

The key to getting a well toned body that you’re proud to show off, is to adopt a sustainable approach to change, rather than an all out assault. You want results that stick, so make changes to your lifestyle that you enjoy and can sustain. Here are 10 tips to help you get the process started:

  1. Summer Weight Loss Tip #1: Think Small. Many small changes made over time lead to big things. Pick a couple of things to work on each week and commit to them. This may be as simple as cycling to work once a week, packing a healthy lunch, joining a bootcamp or going for a walk during your lunch break.
  2. Summer Weight Loss Tip #2: Up the Ante. If you are serious about transforming your body, it’s imperative that you have a good resistance training programme. The ultimate goal is to burn off excess fat, while increasing your lean muscle mass. This not only translates to being more toned, but to a higher metabolic rate and more calories burnt throughout the day.
  3. Summer Weight Loss Tip #3: Interval Training. Sitting on a piece of cardio equipment for hours on end isn’t the most efficient way to burn calories. Interval training is a great way to increase the intensity of your work out and to boost your metabolism for hours after your session. An example of an interval session is running for a minute followed by two minutes of walking. As you get fitter you can either reduce the rest period or increase the work period, to get a more challenging work out.
  4. Summer Weight Loss Tip #4: You are What you Eat. You are not immune to the effects of poor and inadequate nutrition, and quite literally the nutrients and minerals you consume will form the building blocks for your body. Self control is your best weapon in the war against temptation, so if you are serious about having a killer figure this summer, make healthy food choices that support your goals, not sabotage them.
  5. Summer Weight Loss Tip #5: Stock up on Fresh Fruit. When doing your shopping, buy fresh fruit for your snacks rather than cookies and crackers. Fresh fruit is full of vitamins, minerals, fibre and water, and in most cases is easy to pack and transport.
  6. Summer Weight Loss Tip #6: Hydrate to Lose Weight. Water hydrates your body and flushes your system of fat and toxins. Best of all, it fills you up and is calorie free. If you are experiencing cravings or hunger pangs, douse them with a glass of water. Also have a glass of water before dinner as this may reduce your appetite.
  7. Summer Weight Loss Tip #7: Turn off the TV. The sun is out for longer and the days are getting warmer, so use this opportunity to do something active and fun with your friends or family such as kicking a ball around or breaking out the bikes.
  8. Summer Weight Loss Tip #8: Go Public. Facebook and other such mediums are a great way to announce your ambitions to the world! Making your goals public means others will have a stake in seeing you succeed. Better still try and recruit a training buddy. Involving your friends, family and/or office mates will make the process more social and fun, as well as keeping you committed to your routine.
  9. Summer Weight Loss Tip #9: Be Patient. Don’t expect big changes to occur over night. This is about long term and sustainable results, so take a long term and sustainable approach. If you expect immediate results and they don’t come, then this may leave you deflated and de-motivated, possibly sending you off track. Patience, persistence and consistency are the pillars of weight loss success.
  10. Summer Weight Loss Tip #10: Wear Work Boots. There is no substitute for hard work! You can’t expect this process to be easy, otherwise we wouldn’t have an obesity epidemic. Roll up your sleeves and commit to achieving your weight loss goals, step by step. Earning your results means you will appreciate them more!

Following the 10 Summer Weight Loss Tips will help you get the body you want, going into summer. If you need guidance then a personal trainer is your first point of contact. There is no better time than now to get started, so what are you waiting for?

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