Sizing your Swiss Ball

Make Sure you Buy the Right Size Swiss Ball

Provided are some basic tips on sizing a Swiss Ball. These are guidelines only as there is no substitution for physically testing the ball to see if it is a suitable.

Sizing a Swiss Ball for Exercise

The Ball should be reasonably firm, unless the user has a history of back injury, in which case a softer, larger ball would be required. When seated on the Ball, the thighs should be parallel or slightly sloping downwards away from the torso (Accurate sizing will depend on each individual).

Up to 5 foot 2 inches (158cm) / 45cm
Up to 5 foot 8 inches (172cm) / 55cm
Up to 6 foot 2 inches (187cm) / 65cm
Over 6 foot 2 inches (187cm) / 75cm 

Sizing a Swiss Ball for use as a chair

Use one size larger than you would need for exercise and inflate until your thighs are parallel to the floor. The ball will be soft and more comfortable to sit on.

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Caution: All balls, like car tyres, wear out with heavy use. If you use your ball in a commercial environment you may need to upgrade it on a regular basis. The Duraball Pro swiss balls are not indestructible and may be weakened or damaged by sharp objects which may result in the ball deflating. Do not use a swiss ball that has been damaged. Always keep your activity area clear of sharp objects or corners and check your ball regularly. Purchase yours today...

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