Learning to raise her own bar - Kelsey on Crossfit

A one on one with our Personal Trainer Kelsey, and how she is finding her feet in the world of Crossfit


Since starting here at Pulse, Kelsey's development with her clients has continued to grow. This time around, we thought we would put the spotlight on Kels and her goals and training views as an avid Crossfitter, with her own Q and A.


How did you get your start into the world of Crossfit?


Being active and competitive has always been in my blood ever since I was young. Sport such as netball, basketball, athletics and running always gave me the opportunity to compete and enjoy myself while exercising. As I got older and started working out at the gym on my own, I realized how much I enjoyed pushing myself and testing myself to see how far I could push my limits in a workout. I had never found this side of myself engaging in team activities,


I competed in a smaller scale Crossfit competition for my Institute, where I was studying to become a Personal Trainer. With very little background, I winged it and managed to pick up first place – I think my fitness background of sport and running helped me out the most. - that’s when and where I uncovered my affinity for Crossfit. That taste of success made me want to delve into the sport and learn all about the disciplines involved, and what it had to offer. I knew there was also a large strength component needed, however I had no idea the amount of skills and disciplines that I would need to learn on my journey to becoming a well rounded athlete.


What is Crossfit in your eyes?

Crossfit is loosely described by three factors “Functional movement, high intensity, constantly varied”. Crossfit has an amazing way of getting inside your head and making you reach deeper into your pain zone than anything I have ever experienced - and that’s what got me hooked!

Some people describe it as Circuit training, only at a higher intensity – which is somewhat correct, there is just more to it than that!

There are many components needed to be successful at Crossfit. These include Strength, Mobility, Fitness, Gymnastics and Olympic lifting. The thing with Crossfit is, you never know what you’re going to be faced with on the day, so being competent in all areas is highly beneficial. You need to be competent in all areas, whilst performing movements at heavy loads or in tandem with other demands, under time constraints! Its all about how you can pace yourself and handle the PRESSURE!

Imagine - turning up to a workout which may be technical Olympic lifting snatches, clean and jerks with ring muscle ups one day. Then being followed by a workout 24 hours later, of sprints, swimming handstand walks and rope climbing bouts– sounds crazy, foreign and completely different, yet its all part of Crossfit.


Whats been your journey so far?

About 14 months ago - I decided to join an affiliated, legitimate Crossfit box (a box being a Crossfit gym), after spending about a year making my own Crossfit style workouts up and performing them at my every day gym. I picked it up quickly and started to form a real love for the sport. Over the last 14 months I have seen significant strength and fitness gains from when I first started. My body has changed but most importantly, my mind has changed! I feel like there is nothing I can’t do or attempt in a workout sense now.

My development reached a point where I decided/was told, that if I wanted to compete and take this sport seriously, I needed to be in a position where I am challenged and can be coached in the areas I need work on.

With that in mind, at the beginning of June I left my Crossfit box to join a smaller more athlete based box called “Urban Fitness”. I am currently training with a “Comp Squad” 5 times a week for two hour sessions. There are about 7 of us training together and the Ultimate goal is to get us to the Crossfit Regional Games.



Goals for you – where it can take you

Meduim term - every year there is a Crossfit Open, where anyone can compete and register as a single or a team against everyone in the world. If you place in a certain top percentile after 6 workouts, you move on to the Regionals which are placed in about 5 different areas around the world - and are extremely hard to get into! Some of the fittest and strongest athletes in the world make it to the Regionals. If it all pays off and I can make it happen, that’s the first marker.


Long Term goal - If you are lucky enough to place in the top 5 in your region, you make it to the pinnacle of Crossfit - The Crossfit Games. At both the Games and Regionals, there are single events and team events. For our training squad, we are currently training for, and hoping to place high enough in the Open next year in March and make our way to the Pacific Regionals in May for the team section which will most likely be held in Australia. This is a long term goal that requires a lot of training, planning and time spent chipping away in the gym. The team will consist of 3 females and 3 males and probably an extra or two in case of injury..


Many of these athletes have been training for years and have a few years’ experience under their belts. For me being so new to the sport, I need to remember that and not be so hard on myself – sometimes I think my personal expectations are too high! But that’s just how badly I want to succeed in this sport.

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