Why a REPs PT is your Best Bet

Choosing a REP's Personal Trainer is your Best Bet

REP’s (Register of Exercise Professionals) operates a registration system that sets a standard for exercise professionals in New Zealand. This enables all those involved in the exercise industry (employers, health and exercise professionals and members of the public) to easily verify that the individuals giving exercise advice have the suitable skills.

What is a REPs Registered Exercise Professional?

A Registered Exercise Professional meets strict industry standards to deliver exercise advice. To maintain registration they must continually up skill to keep informed and educated on the latest developments in the fitness industry. Ongoing education is important particularly in the health and fitness industry, where new research is being presented all the time.

There is a specific code of ethics that covers professional standards and conduct that people registering with REPS must follow, in order to ensure all parties are protected. In the same way that you would use a registered Physiotherapist for injury treatment, using the services of a Registered Exercise Professional (REP) is the only recommended way to ensure your exercise advice is both safe and effective.

The most important thing about REPs is that it provides an independent verification that the exercise professional is qualified and suitable to give the advice or instruct. REPs also have a complaints policy for anyone with a complaint or concern regarding a registered trainer or facility.

REP’s is a non profit organisation set up as a partnership between the industry (Fitness New Zealand) and the Government's recognised standard setter for education and training in fitness (SFRITO).

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